The aim of the Foundation is to promote sustainable human and community development in the accordance with natural environment. It is to be achieved through physical, sport, outdoor adventure projects and educational innovations.

The goals are reached by the following means:

encouraging sustainable development of an individual and society in accordance with natural environment
organizing educational projects aiming at sustainable development solutions, e.g circular economy, responsible fashion, food sharing, etc.
popularizing physical activities, sport, outdoor adventure and responsible, mindful tourism
promoting cultural and biodiversity
encouraging the development of culture and the arts; preserving cultural heritage
publishing goal-based materials
encouraging community participation in social and volunteering work locally and worldwide
elaborating programs, curricula and innovations on ecology and nature-based non-formal education
production of the educational movies
fostering young people’s interest in green labour market and green lifestyle

Medeina’s expertise covers area of non-formal ecological education and local eco-activism. We cooperate with different stakeholders to provide the holistic approach to ecological transformation which include joint efforts of third sector, public institutions and private entities. Our main contribution to the change is a green education and activation of young people in the schooling process and after that. We are experts in networking, non-formal education and building alliances between parties. Currently, we are involved in three European-level partnerships regarding circular economy, permaculture and active adaptation and mitigation of climate change. Medeina is working to boost responsible and inclusive entrepreneurship in accordance with the needs of environment in a spirit of win-win-win approach. We closely cooperate with local activists and monitor new tendencies in the agriculture, patterns of consumption (rise of consumer cooperatives), economy (including sharing and local economy) and city gardening. Our staff members have international experience in development projects, including those targeted at sustainable agriculture, development of agri-cooperatives, responsible agritourism and permaculture. We do observe and evaluate national and international food sovereignty and peasants rights initiatives, offering crosscut approach which include not only the promotion of certain mode of production, but also political and social rights of producers including right to quality jobs.

The Foundation has been set up to foster as well connectivity with nature, personal resilience by prevention of “nature deficits disorder”. It operates to mainstream sustainable approach in the development the communities worldwide. The methodology organization elaborates is based on approach where nature plays an important role and is present as the environment, tool and content. The outdoor education promoted by MEDEINA is innovative due to a comprehensive combination of non-formal education methods, sport, outdoor adventure perspective, games and innovations with a wide range of self-development tools connecting participants with their “inner nature” and natural environment, such us:
– nature-awareness, wilderness, eco-coaching, nature elements workout, mountain therapy, empowerment hikes, survival.
– community building: group circles, Way of Council, outward bounds activities, energizers/team games, art of celebration, Rites of Passage, ceremonies, tools of group’s empathy&care building, games, community making music
– body work: sport, physical activity, hiking, cycling, massage, active meditations, sensual/sensory workout, life energy flow/ high vibration states, breathwork
– mindfulness in outdoor
– creativity: natural art/land art, spontaneous dancing, choreotherapy, singing, community making music, sketches and drama, live performances, amateur/intuitional painting, body painting, world music&art festivals, networking with worlds famous/grassroot artists
– ICT innovations and gamification
– NFE youth work for sustainability and green solutions in communities

In 2019 Foundation acquired Quality Label and now implements volunteering projects within European Solidarity Corps, sending fewer opportunities youth to cooperate and work in eco-villages, eco-communities all over Europe.