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  • BIOLENS – Youth bio learning, empowering, nurturing, sharing

    The project is a non-governmental response to emerging climate change and the challenges it causes. The project will address climate change holistically - also as a pressing social problem requiring multidimensional framing and extended expertise. This is because the effects of climate change are felt most by those who are privileged and at risk of exclusion. Young people should also be the main actors in political negotiations and decision-making, as the age group that will suffer the consequences of today's decisions in the future. The project will therefore combine inclusive (at a social level) and environmental aspects, seeking to strengthen the voice of those groups who, for various reasons, remain excluded from decision-making processes.[...]

  • “Euro-Hike - Youth Empowerment through outdoor sport"

    From 28th of March till 4th of April 2021 Medeina Foundation hosted the project “Euro-Hike - Youth Empowerment through sport and nature" which was co-funded by Erasmus + program.

  • Join the circle with Erasmus+

    The production-consumption system, which currently dominates the world due to its linear nature, leads to a loss of resources at every stage: from the acquisition of materials, production and distribution to consumption. The losses generated vary from one sector to another, but they accompany virtually the entire economy. The response to this state of affairs - which is particularly acute given the current state of our planet - is an attempt to reform the system by introducing changes to it, i.e. by "rounding off" the cycle and moving towards a closed-circuit economy (CFC).[...]

  • Permaculture - a way to revive traditional entrepreneurship

    [...] The implementation of the project is a response to the need to reformulate traditionally understood business and entrepreneurship in the spirit of permaculture, which is closer to sustainable development and guarantees care for the environment. [...]

  • ,,Eco-Life – Youth for Sustainable Development in Europe"

    "Eco-Life - Youth for Sustainable Development in Europe" is a new two-year project of the Medeina Foundation and the Spanish Eco Vida Association
    as part of the European Solidarity Corps programme. The project gives young migrants from Poland the opportunity to gain work experience through participation in the life of the ecovillage of Cretas and to influence the sustainable development of our planet. [...]