„Eco-Life – Youth for Sustainable Development in Europe”

"Eco-Life - Youth for Sustainable Development in Europe" is a new two-year project of the Medeina Foundation and the Spanish Eco Vida Association
as part of the European Solidarity Corps programme. The project gives young migrants from Poland the opportunity to gain work experience through participation in the life of the ecovillage of Cretas and to influence the sustainable development of our planet.

Young Europeans are aware that they are living in times of great ecological crisis, accompanied by radicalisation, extensive consumption, unhealthy lifestyles and addiction to electronic devices.
These phenomena weaken people and make them unaware of the factors and devastation
their "inner nature" and the environment.


Due to the huge environmental crisis and the "devastation of human nature", more and more young people want to be able to shape a sustainable future for themselves and their local communities, according to ecological principles and deep humanism.

One way to build a sustainable future is to get involved with NGOs in the spirit of deep ecology and democracy,
such as the Eco Vida Association in the village of Cretas
in Spain. The ecovillage is a social initiative aiming to achieve local self-sufficiency while remaining in full harmony with nature. Its members share ecological, socio-economic and cultural-spiritual values.

Eco-living - youth for sustainable development
sustainable development in Europe

Through a project of the Medeina Foundation and the Eco Vida Association, they want to teach young people how to live sustainably, in harmony with nature
and permaculture. This philosophy is based on the observation of natural systems, the wisdom of traditional production systems and modern knowledge, taking into account microclimate, plants, water, human needs and the relationships that can be created between these elements.

The proposed activities involve developing the natural potential, awareness, knowledge and competence of volunteers, and increasing the involvement of the local Cretas community in social and educational initiatives.



The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable development, ecology and the idea of living in harmony with nature among young people from Poland, to increase the life chances of migrant youth and to develop the local community of Cretas/region of Aragona.



Participation in the construction of small buildings with natural
and recycled materials
preparing healthy and vegetarian food and learning new local recipes
studying the diversity of cuisines from around the world
Taking care of and feeding chickens, cats and dogs; caring for their living space.
supporting children's camps and helping at community meetings in Cretas
co-organising stock markets, regional festivals and events to raise environmental awareness; reinforcing attitudes supporting sustainable development; organising documentary film evenings
creating content for social media on sustainable development
documenting activities and events, social media
assistance with maintenance of land and infrastructure
modernisation of premises
tree planting, gardening and food production and preservation activities for own use
production of natural cosmetics from almonds and olives


-gain interesting work experience
-learning the holistic approach to project management - Dragon Dreaming
l-earn permaculture, gardening, harvesting, natural building, sustainable living and recycling
-the opportunity for self-development in a supportive international environment of open-minded, tolerant and friendly people
getting to know informal learning activities and developing new soft competences
-support by a coordinator, tutor, mentor, cultural assistant, life coach and psychologist
the opportunity to make new international friends
-learning foreign languages, including Spanish and English
-learn new eco-tools, the use of which may prove useful in your future career path
the opportunity to travel throughout Spain

The project is intended for Polish residents, aged 18-30, especially those with a migrant background. Interested in ecology and sustainable development, motivated and open to new initiatives.


The project includes long-term activities (11 months) for 6 people
The project includes long-term activities (11 months) for 6 people - in January/November 2021 and December 2021/November 2022, as well as short-term volunteering (2 months) for 4 people - in October/November 2021 and October/November 2022.
and October/November 2022.
The project is co-financed by the European Solidarity Corps programme.


Project Coordinator:

Aleksandra Nowicka: europeansc.aw1@gmail.com

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