Permaculture – a way to revive traditional entrepreneurship 

In December 2019, we launched a two-year strategic partnership project at European level, coordinated by the Spanish partner organisation Permacultura Cantabria. In addition to the Medeina Foundation, the project will share good practices with an Italian organisation, the Oriel Association from Verona.
The project was co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme.

The implementation of the project was a response to the need to reformulate the traditionally understood business and entrepreneurship in the spirit of permaculture, which is closer to sustainable development and guarantees care for the environment. The ecological approach - looking at all elements as an interdependent whole - was the only appropriate one in the face of the climate catastrophe with threats such as desertification of entire regions, lowering of groundwater levels, changes in biodiversity and climate wars.

The project partners were sharing their experience to create a coherent and sustainable image of permaculture as a source of inspiration and solutions for traditional business. Among the principles that were promoted during the project are: interactivity between elements, inclusivity, respect and understanding of the finiteness of resources, ability to manage resources rationally, respect for diversity. It can be noted that these points combine different dimensions: social and interactive, technical, agricultural and logistical - only a holistic view of the world guarantees its correct diagnosis and paves the way for effective solutions based on understanding.

Increase awareness of permaculture, entrepreneurship and initiatives contributing to climate change in participating countries.
Create new informal education centres for permaculture focused on entrepreneurship. Empower youth and youth workers with new permaculture tools focused on entrepreneurship.

To achieve these objectives, the following activities will be undertaken:

Development of an e-book on the topic to assist educators and community leaders initiating change towards sustainability in their environment. The e-book is be interactive and freely available in the project languages (Polish, Spanish, Italian and English).

Work on the e-book is involve close cooperation between partners, research and investigation of the community and local environment of each partner organisation. We want the publication to provide a snapshot of the situation, point out inspiring initiatives and trends and be a methodological and educational signpost for centres of informal education on permaculture and entrepreneurship.

Trainings for educators and staff, during which elements of the Dragon Dreaming method is used, aiming to introduce the objectives and key concepts of the project, but above all to create a network of educators-specialists who can work with young people to renew traditional entrepreneurship.

Two trainings took place:
- in Spain (February/March 2020)
- in Italy (October 2020)

Medeina Foundation sent a Polish team to both trainings. We invite you to contact us if you are a youth or community worker interested in going and participating in the training.

Promotional campaign and dissemination events to reach local stakeholders.
The objectives of the project will be promoted through an ongoing awareness raising campaign about permaculture and the project itself. Special efforts will be made to encourage as many people as possible to learn and use the methods in our manual. To this end, a project closing conference will also be organised, during which the manual will be presented.


We hope that the impact of the project will be widest possible. We wanted to reach the participants of the trainings and the users of the handbook, among them: employees of NGOs, entrepreneurs, local leaders, educators, employees of youth centres, employment support centres.

Participation in the trainings:

- enabled them to understand the aims and opportunities of permaculture - also in transforming traditional business and incorporating "holistic" thinking in their projects;
- increased their international engagement and understanding of the global perspective;
- gave them practical educational tools to transfer knowledge about sustainable business;
- broaden their network of international and local contacts, encourage joint ventures on climate and environmental issues;
- learned about the contexts of Cantabria and the Venice region;

It was hoped that project participants will become its ambassadors in their local communities and networks.
In addition, the awareness raising at national level will be influenced by an information campaign and a final conference, open to the community, during which we will present the handbook.
Project no: 2019-2-ES02-KA205-013620

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